YouTuber rents a complete movie theater for children from home to see Spider-Man

Why be influencer goes beyond being famous, a youtuber is dedicated to helping others and on this occasion, wanted to consent to children from a family home, renting a complete movie theater to be able to see the spider-man movie: No Way Home.

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Lucky masked, a youtuber who prefers to keep his identity secret, became viral in recent days after posting a video where he invites children from a family home to the premiere of the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Thanks to the facilities of the local cinema and with the approval of the home, the young youtuber was able to invite a hundred children to see the film before anyone else. In addition, Lucky Masked bought each child a hot dog and a soda, as well as some popcorn, so that they could enjoy the function with all the comforts.

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«The main idea of ​​the channel is to add positive actions to people’s lives while having fun. A good action does not improve just one day but the whole life»says the youtuber who intends to do challenges, contests and surprise people to change their day.

In addition to allowing the children of the family home to enjoy the film, Lucky Masked invited three young people to compete to see who would give away tickets for the fastest function. The winner of the challenge, would receive ten thousand pesos and could see the movie in the other room that he bought.

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Only on the tickets for the children’s room of the home, Lucky Masked spent fifteen thousand pesos. He assured that this is only the beginning of the other plans he has for the channel.