Young woman shows that she earns more as a delivery girl in Canada than with a degree in Mexico

Her dream was Live in Canada, now lives much better than in her own country thanks to her job as a delivery of food at home. ORA 21-year-old proves that he earns better delivering food than he would earn in Mexico with his bachelor’s degree.

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His name is Sara, in social networks he calls himself Road bels At the age of 21, she became popular for leaving her country to move to Canada, as she had dreamed of since she was a child. But beyond waiting for the opportunity for a job that had to do with her career, Road Bels took a risk and applied to be a food delivery person. There he discovered that he earns much more money in that job, than what he would earn in Mexico exercising his career.

Road Bels is originally from Monterrey and have one Bachelor of Chemistry, Bacteriologist, Parasitologist and Master in Microbial Biotechnology in Mexico. However, from one moment to another he decided to change plans, looking for scholarships and job opportunities in Canada. Now, you want to inspire others to do the same and share tips to emigrate to Canada.

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His roommates, also Mexican, decided to leave their degree to work as a waiter and gardener, earning more than with the career that took them years to finish.

Road Bels shows the best quality of life you have in Canada, how cultural exchange makes you learn more and of course, how you earn much more money.

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Road Bels loves to travel and before arriving in Canada, she went to Costa Rica, where she also shared her experience on social media.