Young man discovers that his job interview was a joke of his roommates

One of the most important moments in the lives of recent graduates It is getting a job, something that is quite complicated these days, which is why three roommates went viral after playing a cruel prank on their friend, making him believe that he had a job interview.

The victim of this cruel joke was Caleb Moorewho was looking for a summer internship before graduation as a way to help with future job hunting and networking, so when she received a job interview request for a engineering company, did not hesitate to accept it.

However, Caleb never imagined that this great opportunity would be a cruel prank by his roommates, who even made up a fake employee, Roger Filmen, in KTM Solutionsa real company.

Moore decided to share, through TikTok a video that his roommates appeared to have taken during the prank, as well as screenshots of their email exchange.

In the clip, Caleb explains that after an email exchange, which included a fake photo of «Roger» and a portrait with contact information on the signature block, he received an interview invitation via zoom.

Upon connecting, an embarrassed Moore was greeted with laughter by his seated friends in suits who uttered: «Day of the Innocents»leaving Caleb silent with a surprised face for a few seconds, and then stating in a surprised tone: “You guys are idiots”and take the joke in the best way.

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The video published last has received more than 750,000 visits and 600 commentsmany of whom said they would be devastated if they were tricked into setting up an interview for a bogus internship.