Woman puts on a monkey mask by refusing to wear a mask on a plane

Despite the unfortunate news that has emerged around the world regarding the deaths caused by Covid-19, many people remain incredulous about its lethality and choose not to follow the sanitary measures that could even save their lives.

And it is that for many it is the last straw that after two years of pandemic people still do not understand the importance of being cautious, and proof of this is the story that we will tell you next, which is about a woman that given the refusal to wear a face mask on a plane, he chose to put on a monkey mask.

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The event occurred aboard a plane, and so desperate that even the airline had to stop its operations to ask him in a very respectful way to wear a mask.

Although at first the woman was indifferent to what they were asking her, it didn’t take long for her to change her mind, as it also angered the passengers, who yelled at her and even insulted her.

Apparently, everything happened in the United States, the staff of the flight this woman was on gave her two options to be able to travel, the first was that she put on a face mask and the second is that if she did not do it soon, she would be taken off the plane with help of police elements.

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Faced with the threat, what happened next was unexpected, since the woman told them «Do you want me to put on a mask?», took out of his backpack a monkey mask and put it on.

Her reaction of course generated ridicule and laughter among the passengers, and due to her stubbornness the flight attendants had to kick her off the plane.

Due to the incident that has already gone viral on social networks, this woman has been baptized as «Lady Chango».

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