Woman gives a great lesson to a neighbor who told her that her house was «ugly» and «poor»

One of the values ​​that the human being should take into account the most is that of modesty, since the person who has the ability to recognize their flaws and their mistakes will always have more possibilities of developing empathy towards others.

And a test of humility and imagination is the story of a woman who went viral after being criticized by a neighbor because her house was «ugly» and «poor».

This is the story of Eurides Santos Silva, 49 years old, a person who has it all despite living in a humble home in the Jardim Aero Ranch neighborhood in Campo Grande, Brazil, and who despite his limitations, gave a great lesson to the criticism he received from one of his neighbors.

According to the local media Campo Grande News, the woman was discriminated against by a neighbor who tried to humiliate her by telling her that her house was «ugly» and «was poor».

For a moment Eurides was discouraged by that comment, but then she gained strength and a great idea that made her feel very good: she let her imagination fly and she painted and she decorated her house with flowers, colors and recycled materials in order to beautify it and give it a very nice and unique touch.

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Eurides not only painted the front of the house with flowers, he also painted the inside to give it a very cheerful touch. «They told me that my house was for the poor, an ugly house. After I was humiliated, I was very sad, I fell into depression. I started painting so that the house would not look ugly,» he told the local media.

This idea, in addition to helping her feel better, ended up being a positive initiative with the environment, since she reused materials that she had in her house such as bottles or cans to make hanging decorative objects in the shape of butterflies, flowers, and stars.

Of course, so much effort and imagination did not go unnoticed, because immediately the neighbors and people who passed by, and even the man who criticized her, asked her to sell him one of the pendants she had, but she refused.

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«There is nothing original, it’s just love and dedication», he claimed.

Eurides took approximately two months to give those creative touches to his house, but the experience and great lesson he gave his neighbor will last a lifetime.

«I did it to be an example that everyone can do it. You can see something you like, try to do it and give free rein to your imagination. I feel better, it’s a therapy», He said.

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