Visual Riddle: Can you find the hidden frog in the picture? Only 2% were able to do it

2021 is about to say goodbye, and what better way to close the year than with a fun and entertaining visual puzzle, which will undoubtedly test your concentration, and to give you one more pinch of entertainment, this time you will have a time limit.

This time we present you with a visual puzzle that has caught the attention of netizens, since it has only been solved by the 2 percent of those who have tried.

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The objective of this challenge is to find the Frog hidden in the image that we will show you next, where a scene shows several people under a rainy day, but you have to pay enough attention, because the frog did a good job of hiding, in a very complicated way to see naked eye.

Observe fixedly, because the logical puzzle is not as easy as you imagine, and to achieve it you will only have 20 seconds. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Tip: pay attention to the little details, as they will make you succeed in this viral challenge. Remember that patience and the perspective modes They are essential to successfully solve this type of challenge.


The visual puzzle is somewhat difficult, and although you could belong to the 98 percent who couldn’t solve it, don’t worry, here’s the answer: the frog is hidden in the bushes at the top right.

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