Viral: Young man falls asleep at the cinema and they leave him locked up

It is the user of TikTok Mike Sanchezwho is dedicated to sharing videos on his account about his day to day, and who this time has captivated users on the networks with his fun adventure inside a movie theater, getting locked up by mistake.

The clip begins with Mike saying that he fell asleep during the movie, hoping that the employees will wake him up when they went in to clean, however, their plan did not work, because they closed the cinema without cleaning the room.

«Bro, I fell asleep in the living room, there’s no one there anymore and they turned me off… What’s up and the employees?»the boy pointed out. Already more awake, Mike realizes the situation without being able to believe it: «It’s not true, and now? Neta left me locked up», he said between nervous laughs.

The video quickly went around social networks, and so far has 3.5 million likesmore of 23 thousand commentsmore of 48 thousand shares and almost 4 million views.

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Mike decided to take everything in the best spirit, and pointed out that he spent the night at the movies when he couldn’t find anyone who could help him. In addition, he decided to share another video in which he tells everything he did while he waited for dawn, a clip that already has 893 thousand “Like”almost 6 thousand comments, almost 6 thousand shares and 4.6 million views.

Some users found the anecdote amusing, however, others assure that everything was on purpose, with the aim of gaining more followers.