VIDEO: An elephant helps rescue an antelope that fell into the water at a Guatemalan zoo by alerting keepers

Published: 13 May 2022 20:07 GMT

The pachyderm made anguished sounds, walked from one side to the other around the pool and offered its trunk to the animal in a sign of help.

A video shared on the networks captured the moment when a elephant alerted his keepers about the danger of an antelope that had fallen into a pool.

The images were captured on April 29 at the La Aurora zoo, in Guatemala City, by a woman who was visiting the enclosure, according to local media.

In the recording you can see that the pachyderm, named trumpet, is uncomfortable, you emit distressing sounds, he paces back and forth around the pond and even extends his troop several times towards the antelope in an attempt to offer help to get out of the water.

Facing the alarm a worker of the place entered the water and managed to get the artiodactyl, to the relief of the elephant and visitors.

The zoo’s veterinary technician, Alejandro Striedinger, indicated that Trompita shares his enclosure with several antelopes, which would explain his concern.

He also pointed out that in reality the antelope was not in danger, since the pool has shallower parts that ensure that the animals can get out.