VIDEO: A slide collapses in Indonesia and bathers fall from a height of 10 meters

Published: 14 May 2022 19:31 GMT

According to reports, 16 people were injured, mostly children, and taken to hospital.

A video posted on Youtube shows the moment a slide in Indonesia collapsed, causing bathers to fall from 10 meters Tall.

The incident occurred last Saturday at the kenjeran amusement park located in the city of Surabaya, Antara News reported.

According to the images, the rupture began with an escape of water that seemed to be due to a leak, and seconds later a part of the slide came off, falling to the ground along with several people. Reports reported that 16 users they were injured, mostly children, and were taken to hospital with injuries ranging from serious to minor.

Suspecting wear and tear as the cause of the accident, a park employee said that management routinely carried out maintenance work on the attractions, adding that the last maintenance was carried out nine months ago. The representative pointed out that capacity overload could be the trigger for the accidentsince the attraction is prepared to contain from 5 to 10 people.

The mayor of the city of Surabaya, Eri Cahyadi, declared that the administration of the establishment would have to offer a medical compensation to victims. The park closed from May 8 to carry out the investigation of the accident.