Trump lost about 10 kilos after losing access to the permanent White House kitchen, according to his former adviser


Oct 12, 2021 05:47 GMT

The former US president would also have confessed that he keeps in shape with «a little golf.»

Donald Trump has lost between 9 and 11 kilos after stepping down as president, his former adviser Jason Miller revealed during an interview for the British channel GB News last Sunday.

The host suggested that Trump probably gave up on takeout for the evening, but Miller clarified what happened.

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According to the former adviser, when he asked the former US president how he managed to lose weight, Trump confessed that the ‘big secret’ was being left without access to the kitchen open 24 hours a day that he had in the White House, and also » a little golf and a lot of support. «

Anyway, after leaving the White House in January, Trump seems «much happier,» «rested» and «tanned,» Miller said.

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