They found another suspicious envelope in the United States embassy in Spain

The Policeman Spanish detonated a suspicious envelope found in the embassy of USA in Madridinformed the authorities of Spain on Thursday, a day after a similar package was sent to the embassy of Ukraine burst into flames when opened, injuring an employee.

We can confirm that a suspicious package at the US Embassy in Madrid and we are aware of reports of other packages being sent to other locations in Spain,» the US embassy told Associated Press. “We are grateful to the Spanish law enforcement for their help with this matter.”

The Police cordoned off a large area around the United States embassy in the center of the Spanish capital.

The incident happened after the Spanish Police reported on several exploding letters sent in Spain during the last two days. The Police explained that the explosive devices were directed to the Ministry of Defense of Spainstill Satellite Center of the European Union located at the air base Torrejon de Ardoz, on the outskirts of Madrid, and a weapons factory in northeastern Spain that makes grenades that are shipped to Ukraine.

The Spanish authorities still do not know who sent the letters and if they are related to the war in Ukraine.

The authorities revealed that a bomb squad destroyed an explosive device that was sent by regular mail to the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchezon November 24.

the embassy of Russia in Madrid on Thursday condemned the letter bombs and tweeted that «any threat or terrorist attackespecially those directed at diplomatic missions, are totally reprehensible”.

The package sent to the Ukrainian embassy was addressed to the country’s ambassador in Spain. The employee who opened it was slightly injured when the package burst into flames.

The Spanish National Court investigate the incident as a terrorist act.

The Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Dmytro Kulebaordered to strengthen security at all Ukrainian embassies abroad and asked his Spanish counterpart for a swift investigation.

An initial assessment determined that it is It is probable that the first five packages have been sent within Spain, said the Secretary of State for Security of the Government of Spain, Raphael Perez. Police say all but one of the letter bombs have been destroyed.

Pérez added that the only intact explosive device is the one sent to the air base and that both this and its packaging will be part of the investigation.

The authorities reported that the package was sent to the director of the Satellite Center of the European Union. The center, known as SatCenis a geospatial intelligence agency of the EU and among its missions is monitoring the situation in Ukraine.

The package sent to the Ministry of Defense was addressed to the Spanish Defense Minister, Daisy Robles, according to Perez. Spain has provided military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

Robles was visiting Ukraine on Thursday to support its defense effort with another aid package. The Spanish authorities did not offer details about the aid, arguing that they avoid giving confidential information to the Russian forces.

Robles said that the alarming findings of recent days will have no effect on Spain’s full support for Ukraine.

“The police are investigating these shipments, but what has to be made very clear is that none of these shipments, or any other violent act, is going to change the clear and firm commitment of Spain, the NATO countries and the European Union to firmly support Ukraine,» he said.

(with information from AP)

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