They catch a judge kissing a prisoner in life imprisonment, is being investigated

She found love in the wrong place, although she denies it herself. A judge in Argentina caused controversy in her city when she was caught kissing and taking photos with a prisoner sentenced to life imprisonment, days after she voted to lower her sentence.

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Mariel Suárez, the judge of Comodoro Rivadavia, is being investigated after vote in dissent against the sentence to the inmate Cristian «Mai» Bustos, he is sentenced to life imprisonment. He was requesting a lesser sentence and she was willing to support him.

Days after she voted to lower her sentence, the judge visited «Mai» Bustos at the Trelew Penitentiary Institute. There, video surveillance cameras captured the moment when the woman hugged, took selfies with the inmate and even kissed with him.

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«As a result of a formal communication addressed to the ministers of the fair, a meeting required by a criminal judge of the Comodoro Rivadavia district and an inmate housed in a penitentiary, considered highly dangerous and recently sentenced within the framework of an oral and public trial, «says the statement of the investigation against Judge Mariel Suárez.

Meanwhile, the woman defended herself by assuring that she would never have kissed him and that the meeting was solely for academic purposes as she plans to make a book about his history.

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«We were not acting. I am naturally like that, I am a very sociable person, I am not acting at all. I related to this detainee for a labor issue. I am a criminal judge, I had to sentence and work in this case, a cause of serious events. And as I got involved, knowing more and more the facts of the trial, some issues caught my attention, that’s why I voted in dissent «, he assured.

The man is sentenced to two life sentences.