The luxurious clinic for millionaires addicted to cell phones

Social networks, applications, games and the constant need to be behind the new, the last thing that happened, the most fun. The cell phone is an addiction that traps and affects especially many young people who can dedicate up to 20 hours per day to the smartphone.

Like all addiction, there are clinics that offer treatment to overcome it and, it is known, those who have more tend to have better resources, so here is the luxurious Paradigm. Yes one exclusive clinic close to the epicenter of technology (Silicon Valley) for the children of millionaires to face their cell phone addiction.

Its infrastructure is impressive, worthy of those luxurious hotels in the Arab Emirates and according to the BBC Mundo publication, a day of treatment costs $ 1,633. Considering that the recovery of an addict it is usually a long process that requires several months of hospitalization, the numbers go up more and more.

The Paradigm clinic has stunning ocean views. Treatments there last between 45 and 60 days.

At the same time it is also difficult to find a place there because they barely receive eight patients simultaneously. Located in San Rafael, a city near San Francisco, Paradigm boasts rooms with hydromassage and stunning views.

Just like any other addiction

Of course, to beat cell phone addiction needless a millionaire hospitalization. The key goes through «reschedule», this explains Danielle Kovac, director of the clinic, which focuses its work on give children back a family environment, a routine isolated from technology and a series of tasks off line, such as walks in the fresh air, meetings with friends, reading and studying. Things that don’t need so much luxury around.

For Kovac, the diagnosis of internet dependence repeats the pattern of other addictions. «It is when it begins to affect other areas of life, such as your social life or school. Many times, grades drop because kids are on Facebook or Instagram all night, and then they can’t get up to go to school nor focus on school work, «he says.

This problem is usually underestimated but it grows day by day and already affects, according to Dr. Maressa Hecht Orzack (director of the Center for the Study of Computer Addiction at Harvard University), between the 5 and 10% of all users, who suffer to varying degrees some dependence thereto.

The clinic rate is impressive: US $ 1,633 per night and only 8 boys are received at the same time.

The clinic rate is impressive: US $ 1,633 per night and only 8 boys are received at the same time.

«For 10 years, Paradigm Treatment provides residential treatment for adolescents and young adults with mental health problems «, says the specialist about the exclusive work of the clinic.

«Our medical and clinical teams dig deeper to address the root causes of struggles young people face in today’s stress-filled world, «describes Danielle Kovac, director, at the clinic’s site.

«We work closely with youth and their families to address the anxiety, depression, pain, trauma, mood and personality disorders, and the concurrent use of substances «.

The hot tub is one of the pearls of the clinic near San Francisco.

The hot tub is one of the pearls of the clinic near San Francisco.

«Our teachers address academic problems so that students can resume studies after treatment, while experimental approaches such as yoga, meditation, sound bathing, and equine work empower clients to transform their lives.

«I would say it is a period of adjustment for the children. It is best to listen to many saying at the end of the treatment: ‘Thank you, for not allowing me to continue with my phone or on social networks on a computer, I was able to really focus on myself. «Kovac adds.

«After logging out, Are they going to go back to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever again? Well probably « -said Kovac- «but our expectation is that they disconnect long enough so that, when they return home, be ready to set limits for themselves, and for their families as well. «