«The biggest fraud in the history of Pokémon»: Logan Paul pays 3.5 million dollars for cards in the series and this is what he received (VIDEO)


14 Jan 2022 12:49 GMT

The ‘youtuber’ announced in December that it had bought the only sealed and certified box of the first edition of collectible cards of the popular Japanese cartoon; However, internet users quickly showed their skepticism about the authenticity of their purchase.

The ‘youtuber’, actor and semi-professional boxer Logan Paul, who is also a recognized fan of the Japanese cartoon Pokémon, was surprised to open a box of collectible cards from this series, for which he paid 3.5 million of dollars, and discover that he had been scammed.

Last December Paul shared a post on Twitter in which he commented on having bought the only «sealed and authenticated» box of the first known edition of Pokémon trading cards in the world. However, the suspicions of several collectors that it was a scam soon became viral news.

To put an end to the doubts, the «influencer» met in Chicago with Matt, the friend who sold him the cards, and the owner of BBCE, the company that certified that it was a package that had never been opened. After inspecting the condition and integrity of the packaging again, the expert reached the same conclusion, which raised the expectations of those present.

After taking a first look at the content, the shouts of emotion and celebrations were immediate, since everything seemed to be in order; however, the smiles faded quickly, when they noticed certain inconsistencies, and as soon as they began to take out the cards, they realized that they had been scammed.

The «youtuber’s» disappointment turned to anger when he discovered that he had bought cards from GI Joe, one of the most popular action figure characters in the US. «This is the biggest fraud in all of Pokémon history,» opined one of the BBCE experts.

«They screwed us, end of story,» said Logan, who said he felt sad about what happened, as well as feeling sorry for the entire community of collectors who have been duped.

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