Taxi driver sticks his daughter’s CV on the seat of his car and manages to get job interviews

She was the user of the social network LinkedInMia Raffaella da Costa Piazz who decided to share a photo of her peculiar find on the social network, and told the story behind the image.

“Today I got into a taxi and I found this: a father trying to help his daughter. Because of things like these, we Argentines continue to move forward”the user shared.

In the image you can see the profile of Nazarene Ledesmaa 23-year-old college girl studying Straight on the National University of La Matanzain Argentinaand who has experience in the field, and is looking for new opportunities.

The story quickly went viral. social mediawhere the users applauded the enormous gesture and support from the father, in addition to the fact that it ended up being a source of job offers for Nazarena.

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Mia Raffaella who showed the situation, then published a message that Nazarena personally sent her: “I did not want to stop thanking you for the fact that you have taken the time to take a picture of it and publish it. It helped me a lot, several people spoke to me and I have a couple of interviews agreed. Thank you!», wrote the young woman, who is about to finish her studies.