Self-service store clerk saves food in cream container and sells it by mistake

In these times, many are the situations that go viral on social networks, from those that cause us discomfort, to those that make us laugh, as is the case of the story that we will tell you next that is about an OXXO employee who mistakenly sold the cream container in which he carried his food.

The event was made known through Twitter, when a user named Juan Carlos shared what had happened to him in a self-service store when he went to buy a container of cream.

Juan Carlos account that he took a boat, paid and went home. What was not expected was that when he got home, his «cream» would have a little problem, because when he opened it, he realized that it was not cream, but a rice pudding. Juan Carlos assumed it was from the clerk at the counter, but there was nothing to do.

The boy did not return to complain, he only ventured on Twitter, where he mentioned that he felt bad for the lady, who would no longer have dessert, but that in the same way he paid for the product that in the end he did not receive.

According to the young man’s arguments, he did not return to the store, he simply decided to tell about his experience in the networks, and the users of different platforms did not take long to react, so much so that received messages from the dairy company and convenience store, who wanted to know more about the problem to follow up and send you their product for free.

Many users responded by saying that they hoped the employee would not get into trouble, as it must have been an accident without malice on her part. Others asked that product be given to her, since she lost her dessert, and even that working conditions be improved.