Perico makes Jehovah’s Witnesses wait for 30 minutes outside the house by responding «here I come»

Recently, a video of a parakeet that managed to fool some Jehovah’s Witnesses with his voice.

And it is that from what can be seen in the short recording, the preachers they waited for 30 minutes outside a house when repeatedly hearing someone say «here I come».

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What they never imagined is that the voice was nothing more and nothing less than a parakeet. This video went viral thanks to the fact that the @jhosuargz account shared it on TikTok.

In case you are one of those who do not know exactly who Jehovah’s Witnesses are, we tell you that it is a group of people who knock on the door of any person with the intention of reading or discussing the scriptures of their religion.

And just because he was waiting, the owner of the bird was able to share this funny story online. According to what he said, arriving at his house, he found several Jehovah’s Witnesses who told him that they had been outside his home for 30 minutes. They did not leave the place, because inside the home someone shouted at them «here I come».

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The witnesses thought that it was a person, but in reality it was the parakeet of the house. «I am arriving at the house and there were some Jehovah’s Witnesses. I ask them what is offered to them. They tell me ‘we are waiting for them to open for us because there is a person who is saying ‘here I come, here I come.’ alone. It’s a parakeet that we have that knocks on the door and says ‘here I come’. And well, this crazy man – the parakeet – has Jehovah’s Witnesses waiting for 30 minutes because he is telling them ‘here I come, here I come'», he narrated the owner of the parakeet

The man even knocked on his door to show that his parakeet actually responds. As expected, the video went viral almost immediately with multiple reactions: «The witnesses were chattered»; “The witnesses after you told them there was no one in the house”; “The witnesses: finally someone answers us, let’s wait!”; «The Jehovah’s Witnesses right now don’t go out to preach, it wasn’t them,» reads among the reactions.

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