Musicians create ‘northern version’ of Harry Styles’ ‘As It Was’

Harry Styles is in one of the best moments of his career after the upcoming release of his new album “Harry’s House”scheduled for May 20thbut now it has become a trend after his most recent success in a northern version went viral.

“As It Was” is the theme that a group of musicians in TikTok They decided to make a radical change and adapt the song to a «stickier» and Mexican version.

The one in charge of sharing the result was the group “ezband”a group of content creator musicians within TikTok decided to tweak the beat of this hit song a bit to get more people’s attention.

In the clip of the new version, the group replaced the original instruments were replaced by accordion, drums, bass and guitar to make it sound like a whole northern song

In addition, to make it look more realistic, they let some scenes of the artist’s original video sleep and only vary the melody, so that it seemed that the artist himself Harry Styles accepted this new version.

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The video has been filled with comments that have applauded the new version of the song: “Another jewel in the collection”, “the net the net the net, it is with everything!!!”, “The joke is to share tastes with your girl”, “Buenisimooooo”, “Weeeyy sounds like a mother! HAHAHA”, “Haaaa is heard with mdre ????????????”.

This is not the first time that this band has done it since on their TikTok account there are hundreds of songs by artists like Adele, The Beatles Y Michael Jackson that have been adjusted to the northern genre so that everyone can enjoy.

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