Mom toasts every Christmas and New Year on the street where her son died

It was on January 31, 1999 that Cecilia had the worst news a mother can hear, her 19-year-old son named Laureano José had died in a car accident with a friend, when he crashed into a tree.

“On January 29, he went to say goodbye to me at the terminal. He hugged me and kissed me, he said: ‘Mom, I love you very much. He died in the company of his colleague from the Faculty «, the mother explained.

From that moment on, Cecilia goes to that intersection every year to toast the holidays, then lights a candle, prays and returns home to have dinner with her family. In its surroundings it is already known, and even the guards of the nearby shops encourage him to decorate the tree with which the vehicle collided, especially because these parties were very important to Laureano.

“On the 24th and 31st of every year that I live, I’m going to go there. He was very fond of Christmas and the New Year. When he lived, he brought everything to decorate the house«Cecilia said.

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Cecilia’s photography with her granddaughter María José went viral on social media, and although at first she was mocked, the mother has known how to defend herself and ensures that those who have lost a child will understand her: «Your mother, your father, your brother, your husband can die … but the death of a child is never recovered»Cecilia concluded.