Meet the cursed doll made from human parts

Surely, on several occasions you have heard of cursed objects, which play with the lives of the people who possess them, leaving them on the verge of madness and with endless fear of what may happen to them.

Of course, even today there are stories of objects that have echoed in the lives of some people, such as the cursed japanese doll that has given more than one the goosebumps, after they learned the terrible story behind it.

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This doll is named Norokowhich if you could see it, has a traditional Japanese appearance, curiously it has a drawn face and no feet.

At the time, Noroko was a popular and fun toy for many children, and although everyone loved her, the truth is that the origin of her curse is very old and has to do with a betrayal that triggered wars and deaths.

The story goes like this: There was a Japanese emperor who did not act according to what his subjects expected of him, so fed up, they decided to assassinate him. They ripped out his heart and then locked it in that tender doll with the intention that it serve as a prison for the soul of the emperor. They then threw the doll into the sea to dispose of it.

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For a moment everything seemed to have gone well; however, the doll was brought to life by the angry heart of the emperor, who began to seek revenge. She came out of the sea and although no one has any idea where she is, everyone knows that if you meet her, you must prepare to take your last breath.

This is how the terrible warning came out that if Noroko sees you, misfortune will accompany you for the rest of your life, which will be very short, because she will use blades to kill you.

It is said that a collector fond of the paranormal and cursed objects, upon hearing the legend, searched the sky, sea and land for the doll. He finally managed to get it and kept it in his house, believing that the curse would not affect him but he was very wrong.

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One night, the collector thought he saw Noroko move, so he remained very attentive, observing something out of place and so it was. His wrist began to move as if he was in great pain and despair; each time the movements were more abrupt so the man became upset.

He wanted to convince himself that what he saw was only a product of his imagination, so he slowly approached the doll. It was night and it was dark but suddenly, she could see a glow. It was Noroko, who pulled a blade from her dress and lunged at the collector. She pierced his heart and then fled.

Since then, no one has seen Noroko again. And those who have, do not live to tell about it.

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It is said that the doll enters houses and moves across the roof, where it remains motionless, waiting for its victim to open its eyes and look at it in order to end its life. Noroko hates being stared at because she doesn’t have a face, so she shows no mercy for those who dare cast her eyes on her.