Man returns to his girlfriend alone by taxi because he felt «ashamed» of the clothes he put on

There is nothing worse than a jerk man, and by the term jerk, we mean those who do not respect a woman in any sense of the word.

We make reference to the above, since recently the case of a girl who, late at night, was sent alone in a taxi by her boyfriend, just because she did not think it was the way she was dressed, circulated on social networks.

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The story is related to Nikki jabs, a dancer and content creator who a few days ago shared on her TikTok account an unpleasant and very sad experience she had with a boy she was dating, which made her see that she definitely had to cut contact with him.

According to what can be seen in the video, Nikki was dating a guy named Greg for a couple of weeks, who invited her to a party at his work. Nikki, super excited, She spent hours getting ready to look pretty at the event, but sadly, the evening ended before it even started.

When they went to dinner before heading to the event, Greg was unhappy with her outfit, he kept looking at her weird and it was obvious that he didn’t like it.

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Before the attitude of the man, Nikki realized it and asked him what was happening. He just told her that «She looked very pretty», but that perhaps was not appropriate for the event.

When she heard what he had said, Nikki tried to hold back her tears, because not only did the comment hurt her, she also felt humiliated.

“I told him I was going to wear my clothes or go home and he said he would ask me for an Uber. I’m very sad because I spent a lot of time getting ready to look pretty and he drove me home in an Uber, with a stranger. Who does that?».

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Of course Nikki sharing her video also showed the outfit she was wearing, and judging by what you see, it’s a normal outfit.

The outfit is a simple brick-colored high-waisted pants and a long-sleeved black crop top, nothing special, much less something that warrants such a reaction.

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