Man in street situation celebrates his birthday with stray dogs

Happiness is in the smallest details. In social networks it was done viral the video of a man on the street who needed nothing more than a cake and the company of his dogs, to celebrate the best of his birthday.

The scene is simple but moving. A man was filmed unnoticed while celebrating his birthday. But this was not just any birthday because he despite having absolutely nothing, he actually proved that he had everything.

Sitting on the stairs of the street, along with two stray dogs in party hats, the man took a small cake from a plastic bag to which he put two candles. He lit them and began to sing the mañanitas, trying to cheer up the dogs that were with him.

Later he kissed them and broke the cake to give each one a slice. When she took her slice and started eating, she couldn’t help but start crying. A moment that moved everyone to the point of going viral.

«Who is splitting onion at this time?», «I died of tenderness and love», «So much love, it blooms in more hearts», were some of the comments that can be seen on Instagram, just one of the several networks where the post was shared.