JK Rowling launches her first children’s novel after the Harry Potter saga


Oct 12, 2021 15:13 GMT

‘The Christmas Pig’ has already been translated into 35 languages ​​and is illustrated by Jim Field.

This Tuesday, October 12, the new novel by JK Rowling went on sale, entitled ‘The Christmas pig’, the first children’s book published by the British writer after the Harry Potter saga.

The story begins on the day of Good night, when Dito, the favorite toy of a boy named Jack, is lost. Then the little one, along with a Christmas pig, the new toy they have been given to replace Dito, will embark on a magical journey to try to save Jack’s best friend up to now.

The book, which contains nine black-and-white plates and illustrations by award-winning illustrator Jim Field, has already been translated into 35 languages. Likewise, the novel has audiobooks in several languages, including Spanish, both Latin American and Spanish.