«I’m going to break your neck»: a man threatens the flight attendants and other passengers for asking him to put on a mask (VIDEO)


Oct 13, 2021 13:38 GMT

Between shouting and shoving, the passenger was ejected from the United Airlines flight in the United States.

A man threatened flight attendants and other passengers after they asked him to wear the mask on board a plane of the US airline United Airlines, which was going to Los Angeles.

«I will find out your name, date of birth and address. I will know your Social Security number before I get off this plane,» said the aggressive passenger, as seen in the video of the incident that has gone viral after being published on TikTok last week pass.

As explained in another video, the man was upset when a crew member asked him to hang up the phone and keep his mask on, repeating the request. four times. As he rose from his seat, pushing a passenger sitting next to him, the man confronted a flight attendant in the aisle and another passenger who tried to calm him down.

«Get in your business, because I’m going to break your neck,» said the man, addressing the passenger. «We go to jail«, he continued, shouting and shoving. Finally, he was escorted out of the plane by the police.