«I have achieved my professional goals»: A Spanish journalist becomes a meme (PHOTO)


Nov 25, 2021 12:09 GMT

The publication of Eva Gómez, who works for Televisión Española, has already received more than 12,700 ‘likes’.

A funny meme of a Spanish journalist published this Monday by the Twitter user @diostuitero has become popular on the social network.

In the image appears Eva Gómez, a journalist for Televisión Española (TVE), with the phrase «the season of the frozen reporter begins.»

That same day the protagonist shared the funny publication on her account. «I have already achieved my professional goals. To be a meme,» Gomez wrote jokingly. The message has already received more than 12,700 likes.

Some users commented that they do not understand why they send journalists to cover snowfall in different parts of Spain. «If we did not give the news from where the news is, this type of memes would not exist,» replied the information professional.

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