His wife finds his passport with another name and he invents that he is a spy to hide his secret, now he investigates it to the FBI

Not even Woody Allen would have thought of such a plot, but as is normal in these abnormal times reality sometimes far surpasses even the wildest fantasies.

What happened now? Well the bottom line is that a young man is being investigated by none other than the FBI suspected of being a suspected spy, which could send him to prison for many, many years. All for a lie.

The story starts a few years ago when a teenager Ali Hassan Hawila. the great protagonist of this plot, he was attracted to the Jewish religion even though he was Muslim.

At that time, Hawila lived with her parents and siblings in Lebanon. But in 2015, the whole family emigrated to Houston, Texas, United States, where the young man believed he could make his dream of converting to Judaism come true, but he couldn’t do it.

The man is now under investigation by the FBI.

However, the young man appears to have been determined to be an Orthodox Jew. So just started saying he was Jewish and that his name was Eliyah Hawila, according to what the man told the Times of Israel.

Hawila took her new personality seriously, and learned enough Hebrew to recite Jewish prayers. Furthermore, he studied the Torah in a local Chabad and even invented an elaborate story of his false Jewish roots.

Love and a lie that grows

Everything was going well until, through a community exclusive dating site, Eliyah he «matched» with a young woman named Sally; and a love story was born there. A truncated story.

After a short time of relationship, the young man, already 23 years old, married sally, a Jewish girl of Syrian descent living in Brooklyn, New York, who believed she was marrying an Orthodox Jewish boy.

However, just two weeks later, Sally found documents that dislodged her. One was a Lebanese passport with a name that was not that of her new husband, although the one in the photo was clearly him.

The Lebanese passport that the woman found and uncovered all the deception.

The Lebanese passport that the woman found and uncovered all the deception.

When the woman asked Eliyah about the documents, the young man – he later recounted – it only occurred to him to turn to a lie. After all, that was where it had taken him. Telling him he was not an Orthodox Jew, not even a Jew, would be the end of everything he had put together.

Thus, Eliyah told his wife an unlikely story about him he was an American spy for the National Security Agency (NSA). And that he shouldn’t tell anyone anything, that he should keep everything a secret.

«When you saw the documents, I had to invent somethingSo I told him, you know what, this is an NSA ID, that I’m on a mission, things like that, I couldn’t think of anything else at the time, «Hawila told the Times of Israel.

Everything is discovered and the FBI enters the scene

But it was already too much, the lie was already difficult to sustain. Already suspecting something, the woman he told his father about the find, who began to investigate the life of his son-in-law.

It didn’t take the father long to untangle all the deception. He discovered that his son-in-law was pretending to be Jewish, although he was Muslim after speaking with Hawila’s father, who also confirmed that his son was not a spy.

The young Muslim man and his mother-in-law.

The young Muslim man and his mother-in-law.

The man confronted Hawila, who was unable to cope with any of this. «I started babbling, I was in a panic,» he said, adding: «and they took her from me, they separated her from me«.

But the father-in-law was furious. Not only did he take his daughter and forbid all contact, but he made the complaint. And so the FBI, being an episode of alleged international espionage.

“When the FBI agent came to my house, I said, ‘Sir, I give you permission to review all my phone calls, I am not affiliated with anyone‘”He told Kan TV.

FBI spokespersons confirmed that an investigation was underway but that no evidence has yet been found of Hawila’s involvement in terrorist organizations.

His faith is not a lie, neither is his love

Hawila insists that his connection to Judaism is not false. He assures that it is part of his faith, of his belief, although he could never be converted.

He also says that his intention was never to hurt his ex-wife, Sally, whom he maintains that is the love of his life.

«If she wants to give me a second chance, she can do it, but if she doesn’t want to I can’t blame her. But I want her to know that she is the love of my life. »

However, even if Sally forgave him and had the desire to get back with him, the rules of his Orthodox community they will not allow you to marry a convert.

Hawila also hopes to get a second chance at the religion she worships. «I just want to convert and I want to live a Jewish life«, said.

Sally, who was allegedly moved to a safe house during the FBI investigation, has refused to give interviews, as reported by the Times.

Source: Metro