«Hello, beautiful»: ‘Hacker’ manages to spy on a woman through the camera of a device to monitor pets and greets her


Dec 2, 2021 16:49 GMT

Angela Cuniberti said that she was scared when she heard the male voice coming out of the device.

An unidentified man has managed to ‘hack’ a smart device for monitoring pets and spy through the camera on its owner, a resident of the city of Saint Charles (Missouri, USA), local media report.

This device known as Furbo is equipped with a camera that allows the owner to observe his pet from a distance and also feed him. The owner of the artifact, Angela Cuniberti, said that for many years she used it without any problem for her dogs.

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But recently, when the woman walked by the camcorder after getting out of the shower, she heard a male voice say to her, «Hello, beautiful.» At first he was scared, thinking that an intruder had entered his house, since his pets began to bark «like crazy», until he realized that that strange voice came from the device.

When the woman looked closer, she noticed a red light on, which means she was recording. Shortly before unplugging the device, she also heard a man laugh.

Cuniberti contacted the police and the company to report the problem. The company told him that someone could have managed to «hack» his Wi-Fi network to gain access to the system.

«I have not used [el Furbo] since then. I contacted the company and they told me they could replace it with a new one, but I did not accept, «said the woman. At the moment, it is not clear if the authorities have taken measures to find the ‘hacker’.