He was saved 2 times in seconds: his plane fell on the tracks and a train almost ran him over

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers they rescued a pilot that he had crashed his plane over a railway line seconds before a passenger train ran over his aircraft.

The incident occurred in Pacoima, an area northwest of Los Angeles, when a small aircraft crashed right over the railroad close to Whiteman Airport.

The plane fell on the train tracks (Video capture).

LAPD agents from the Foothill station, which is a short distance from where the accident occurred, responded to the emergency.

They took it out 5 seconds before the train passed

The pilot was the sole occupant aboard the aircraft and was removed five seconds before the train collided with the plane.

The action was captured by the body camera of one of the agents and was revealed by the LAPD on its social networks.

According to the information published by the LAPD on its social networks, the plane lost power and crashed into the tracks.

The train stopped after hitting the plane (Video capture).

The train stopped after hitting the plane (Video capture).

The pilot who has not been identified was taken to the hospital because the video shows that his face is bloody.

The video that was released Sunday night takes more than 4 million views.

EFE Agency.