Grooms use «that ding» as their wedding dance

What is really important in a wedding It is the celebration of love. Therefore, a couple decided that even if their party was very small, they would have unforgettable moments such as using «that dingy» as a wedding song.

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In TikTok, made viral the civil wedding of a couple in Peru who, to celebrate their wedding, chose the song from the video «eso tilín» and they made it the hymn of their party. Now, they are known as «the ding partner.»

Karol Herrera shared a video of her wedding day. In it, you can see how she and her husband are dancing and enjoying the ding song. «And what are the boyfriends like?», the video is titled where you can see that what stands out in the relationship is undoubtedly his sense of humor.

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Jumping, screaming, doing fun dance steps and playing is how the couple showed their love, ending the dance by hugging and showing how happy they were for this important moment in their life.

The moment caught the attention of various media and although in several articles they said that the couple was from Mexico, they themselves clarified that they are from Peru. Likewise, they shared other videos of the party where, together with their friends, they do crazy things and fun dances.

The couple decided that beyond the luxuries, they preferred an intimate moment full of their spontaneity that characterizes them. In other videos they showed that they have been in a relationship for ten years, it can certainly be seen in the connection they have.

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Tilín’s song

If you don’t know what we mean, we’ll tell you what Tilín’s song is about. In social networks, the video of a child who is motivated by an adult to take his best steps went viral. Apparently, the boy is nicknamed Tilín and while they encouraged him to dance more, he took more difficult steps. «That Tilín, dance Tilín …», said the man who recorded it.

The success of the video was such that they later released the remix version of the moment. Just that song was the one used by the bride and groom at their wedding.