Grandpa sells his drawings to be able to bring milk to his grandchildren

A Grandpa who does whatever it takes to be able to bring a little sustenance home so her grandchildren can eat. In Facebook made viral Don’s story Armando, an elderly man who sells his drawings so he can bring milk to his grandchildren.

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The Facebook user named Hector Villanueva, cshared the story of Don Armando, originally from Nuevo León. Every day, this grandfather goes out to the street to sell some of his drawings, to get some money so that his family can eat. His grandchildren, the ones he cares about the most.

According to the witness, Don Armando was crying because he had not been able to sell any drawing of the Virgin of Guadalupe that he makes to get food for his family. «The man was crying because he wanted to sell his drawings to bring milk to his grandchildren and he didn’t bring any money. He sold me the drawing of the Virgencita for $20 and I gave him $100. He started crying because he felt happy and told me that I was an angel»says the post.

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In one video, Don Armando can be seen trudging down the street, holding his bag with the drawings on it and on the other side, a makeshift wooden cane. In the published photograph, the man appears to be blessing the money he was given, while the client shows the beautiful drawing that Grandpa made.

According to information in the publication, you can find Don Armando in Colonia Sebastián, in the Municipality of Guadalupe, in Nuevo León.

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The post has been shared over ten thousand times and has hundreds of comments from people who want to help the lord. Likewise, they have called to bring pantry for him and his family. They even shared his address so that anyone with a generous heart can drop off food at his doorstep.