Granddaughter fulfilled her grandmother’s dream by taking her to the sea for the first time

They say that the best gifts are all the adventures and beautiful memories that one forms together with their loved ones, for them, a new and emotional story has touched the internet, and it is that after so many years, a sweet grandmother got to know the sea for the first time thanks to her granddaughter.

Is about Theresa, a 94-year-old woman whose greatest dream was to see the sea, her granddaughter Tatiana He decided to fulfill this great desire by taking her to a beach for the first time so that she can enjoy the waves of the sea, the sun and the beauty of the landscape.

Tatiana, who is a teacher in Brazil, decided to make her grandmother’s dream come true, and through her Instagram account she shared a video compiling small fragments of the beautiful moment they lived together.

“Today I fulfilled the dream of my grandmother, who at 94 years old had never bathed in the sea. I’m so excited, how God is perfect. Father, thank you for providing this precious moment in our lives., are the tender words that Tatiana dedicated to her grandmother.

In the images you can see Theresa sitting on a chair into the sea while her granddaughter wets her legs with a small bucket. Later, you can see how she touches the water with her hands and splashes as if she were a little girl.

In the end, they decide to close this beautiful moment by holding hands and bringing their foreheads together and merging into a tender and beautiful hug full of love.

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“My grandmother, I make all my declarations of love for you while you are alive, because you deserve to receive flowers in life. I love you beyond infinity. I love you, lady who loved to see the sea and the bathroom, and I will never forget that.Teresa comments, confirming that being able to enjoy the simplest things in life with the people who love each other the most is the best gift one could receive.