Every day, at the same time, puppy sits to watch the sunset

Of course animals feel, and whoever says no at this point in life is because they surely lack the conscience and heart to see what is evident.

Proof of the above, is the story of a dog that Every evening, at the same time and in the same place, he sits patiently waiting for the sun to set.

The routine of the dog that seems to be a Golden retriever It was made known by its owner, who calls herself Katelyn Nassar.

Nassar makes sure his dog sits in the same spot every day to watch the sunset. A truly magical moment. She decided to share the touching video on TikTok and excitedly said that her dog’s routine is out of this world.

Millions of viewers agreed with Katelyn’s sentiment. «Dogs appreciate the things we take for granted ”, «It’s an old soul», you could read in the comments.