Earthquake? Meteorite? Explosion ?: A powerful roar causes perplexity in two US states.


12 Oct 2021 01:26 GMT

The US Geological Survey ruled out that the unusual noise had been due to an earthquake in the area.

On the morning of this Sunday, many inhabitants of the states of New Hampshire and Massachusetts (USA) were shaken by a powerful noise that left them perplexed, local media report.

Hundreds of people theorized about the event on, a page dedicated to reporting seismic activities. Some suggested that an earthquake had occurred, while others wondered if the shaking could be caused by the explosion of a meteor in the atmosphere or the passage of a hypersonic plane.

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«There was a kind of loud roar that shook our entire house. It was like an audible ‘boom’. It was very strange. That’s why everyone thought at first it was an explosion», quotes The New York Times to Dan Brian, resident of New Hampshire.

From the US Geological Survey (USGS, for its acronym in English) they specified that there had been no telluric movement this Sunday in that area. In addition, there were no flights of military aircraft with supersonic speed, nor were there any explosions due to human activities.

The exclusion of these versions leaves as most likely scenario that it was a racing car. «I would point to a natural event, something that has entered the atmosphere with a speed greater than that of sound. (…) A meteor or meteorite, which probably released enough energy for people to hear it from the ground», explained John Ebel of the Weston Observatory (Massachusetts).