Couple saves more than 130 thousand pesos a year, show their technique on TikTok

The New Year It is an opportunity for many to meet new goals and set goals with better habits. Saving is undoubtedly one of the most recurrent and luckily, a couple in TikTok helps us achieve that goal with a technique that is flawless.

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On TikTok, a couple went viral for showing how they managed to save 133 thousand Mexican pesos in just one year, through a technique of contributing a daily amount to your savings box.

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«My boyfriend and I decided to save 365 days in 2021»says the video on TikTok where you can see the bills and coins of different denominations stored in envelopes.

The couple’s secret was to save the amount of money that corresponded to the day of the year. They made envelopes with a day of the year and every day, at random, they took out an envelope and put the corresponding amount of the day. That is, if they took out the envelope from the 34th, they had to give 34 pesos, but if it was the 365th day, they had to contribute 365 pesos.

Of course, as contributing a peso was too little, in envelopes from 1 to 20, the couple contributed 20 pesos instead of the corresponding day. In addition, they rounded up some figures for not having change. If they had to give 79 pesos, they preferred to give 80.

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«Each one put their respective money. For example, if 40 came out, each one put 40 pesos,» they continued to explain in the video where you could see that at the end they counted the bundles of bills while the song played in the background «without fear of success. «by DJ Cobra Monterrey.

Thus, each day they contributed a little more to the savings bank, achieving in the end between the two, 133 thousand 630 pesos.