Couple barely know each other on Tinder, they end up living together because they have Covid-19

They say that the best way to get to know a person is by living with them. However, those were never the plans of this couple who met on Tinder just a few days ago and ended up living together because they both had Covid-19 and they did not know.

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In TikTok made viral Marley’s story@ poppymoore777), a young woman who shared the story of how he met his Tinder date and practically the same day, they started living together.

It turns out that Marley and her Tinder date decided to see each other for the first time. But to be cautious, on the day of their appointment they were tested for Covid-19. What they did not expect was that both would test positive and they would have to isolate themselves as soon as possible.

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Marley, seeing the situation, offered his Tinder date to stay in his apartment until they both came out negative. Since then they live together And while living with a stranger may sound difficult, for them it has been a great experience.

In the videos that Marley has shared on TikTok, you can see that despite the disorder in the apartment, they both have a great time. They order food at home, they go for a drive alone, they play video games and he even makes them delicious dishes to eat. What’s more, the stranger even gets along with his little dog.

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«At least you’ll know what it’s like to live with him, whether or not you decide he’s the one.»says one of the comments Marley posted that shows how well they get along.

Sister, let’s face it, you were lucky your Tinder date wasn’t crazy.