Coca-Cola bans its employees from drinking Pepsi and imposes other unusual rules

Published: 14 May 2022 07:24 GMT

A worker could be reprimanded or fired if his boss catches him consuming competitor products or visiting restaurants owned by him, according to a Quora social network user.

For Coca-Cola employees, consuming Pepsi or a range of competing products during working hours is a reason to be firedaccording to several users on the Quora social network who have recently drawn media attention.

Mike Smith, who claims he was employed by the company, posted that «upon being hired, I actually sign an agreement stating that you will not purchase or consume any competing products or face termination.» The user shared a banner showing some of the banned products, including Quaker, Doritos, Lay’s, Cheetos, plus any Pepsi product or any brand of bottled water not owned by Coca-Cola.

Woman sentenced in the US for stealing Coca-Cola secrets for the Chinese government

Another user of the network, named Tyler Thompson, confirmed the measure by reporting that while wearing his uniform he had to be careful with the restaurants he went to for lunch. «If my supervisor were told that I was observed drinking Pepsi or entering an establishment that only serves Pepsi productsyou could receive disciplinary action, which could include termination,» he added.

Statements to the media are not allowed

This isn’t the only unusual rule that company employees must follow to keep their jobs. Wallace B McClure stated on Quora that during his time at the company, employees were not allowed to be quoted in any media, even if the interview or statement was not related to the firm.

Notify 48 hours before sick days

In addition, sick days must be notified 48 hours in advance, according to a user on the Glassdoor portal, quoted by The Sun. «Who knows with 48 [horas] in advance if you’re going to have the flu?»

«Be less white»

According to an article published by the New York Post, last year Coca-Cola employees received a training course entitled «Confronting Racism» in which they were urged to «be less white.» In a course slide shared on Twitter, this was explained as «be less oppressive,» «listen,» «believe,» and «break white solidarity.»