Boy gives toys to those who did not receive anything at Christmas

A boy with a big heart who did not want to see his little neighbors without Christmas present. For this reason, he decided to give away some of his toys outside his house and thus rejoice hearts.

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Diego, a six-year-old boy from Tampico, Tamaulipas, made viral in recent days for his great heart and his gesture of generosity. And is that When he saw that many of his neighbors did not receive a gift from Santa or the Child God, he gave one of his own.

It was his aunt, Denisse Domínguez, who shared through his account Facebook, the generous act of the boy Diego. He invited the neighbors of his neighborhood to come to his house for a toy (one per child) and even invited them to buy his roasted carnita.

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«Amix de la Col Morelos. My nephew is donating his toys 1 x Child. In case you like to visit us at Abasolo 114. And by the way they buy us roasted carnita»Denisse Domínguez wrote in the post that was shared more than 80 times.

Diego and his family set up a table full of toys that included stuffed animals, trolleys, balls, and more.. Diego smiled at the camera, showing how proud he was of such a beautiful act. «Take one, they’re free,» said the sign they also installed.

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In an interview for a media outlet, Diego’s aunt stated that it was the boy’s own idea to give away his toys. He felt he had too many and asked his mom if he could give them away.

«He would like all the children to have a toy, because he has seen that in his neighborhood, several children who did not receive a Christmas present», he concluded.