A woman walks naked through a US airport while laughing and asking passengers questions


Oct 14, 2021 16:57 GMT

The Police indicated that the person involved was transferred by ambulance to a hospital due to an «undetermined medical episode.»

A woman walked completely naked by the Denver International Airport (Colorado, USA) carrying nothing more than a kind of bottle or thermos in his right hand, reports CBS4, which had access to a video of the incident.

In the images, recorded on September 19, Denver Police officers can be seen following the woman with a large blanket, in an attempt to cover herself, while she simply he laughed and asked the passengers: «How are you where are you from?«.

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CBS4 decided not to release the video because authorities reported that the woman was believed to be experiencing a medical problem or poisoning.

According to the police report, the officers «responded and located the woman running through the esplanade with some kind of medical problem» and after the arrival of the emergency teams they transferred her to a hospital in Colorado due to a «indeterminate medical episode«.

There is no information about his identity or his current state of health.