A puppy waits for his deceased owner on the subway every day and is compared to Hachiko

A photograph of a puppy sitting outside the La Raza station of the Mexico City Metro, while waiting all day for its owner It has gone viral on social media They even nickname him «Hachi», just like the one in the movie «Always by your side», from 2009.

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«The reality exceeds fiction. The neighbors say that this puppy waited for its owner every day, one day she did not return because of an illness that blinded her life and the puppy still waits day and night for her owner to appear on the stairs of the station to receive her with that unconditional love that only they know how to give”, reads the publication.

The truth is that nobody knows for sure what Hachiko expects in the Metro La Raza.

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Nevertheless, It is not the first time that a loin has gone viral for showing fidelity to its humanlast May, a little animal moved to stay next to the body of his friend, a homeless man who died outside the Candelaria station.