A mother confesses that she secretly prepares meat dishes for the girl of a vegan family


Oct 14, 2021 16:18 GMT

While several Internet users criticized the woman’s actions, others considered it wrong for the girl’s parents to impose their will on her.

A woman from the US polarized Reddit users after posting a post confessing to secretly giving meat dishes to a girl from a vegan family. He pointed out that the girl is a friend of his daughter and very often stays overnight at his house.

The mother stated that the girl’s parents are «good people», but considers that the 12-year-old girl is malnourished because looks «paler and skinnier» than his own daughter. She related her physical state precisely to the diet imposed on her by vegan parents.

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The woman, concerned about the girl’s health, revealed that it had not been just once, but that, at every opportunity she had, she tried to prepare breakfasts, lunches and dinners rich in animal protein and include some dairy products and eggs. In addition, she assures that the girl «gobbles up» all the food she prepares, knowing that her parents will scold her if they find out about it.

After the controversial statements, Reddit users were divided into two: those who disapproved of the mother’s behavior and those who considered that a 12-year-old girl is old enough to decide on her diet. According to the second group, vegans are her parents, and not her; Well, if the girl did not want to eat meat or drink milk because it goes against her values, she would not take them, much less would she ask for more.

However, the users who criticized the woman’s actions argue that she had no right to judge the principles of an alien family and she should not put the girl in a position where she was obliged to lie to her parents. Some also added that Animal products could even harm you, since she was not used to consuming them.