WhatsApp: at least 360 million user numbers were leaked

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A file with about 500 million phone numbers of users of WhatsApp from around the world appeared for sale a few days ago in a forum of the «dark net», although the analyzes of the cybersecurity company check point they reduced the figure to 360 million.

As reported by the news agency europressthe company analyzed the files related to the data of WhatsApp users that appeared on the hacking community forum BreachForums last November 16.

The person who posted it claimed it contained 487 million phone numbers mobile phones of users of this Meta service, of which almost 11 million corresponded to users of Spain.

Now, Check Point confirmed that these are «active telephone numbers», whose figure drops to 360 million, of users from at least 108 countries.

Although they do not provide information on the content of the messages exchanged by users, Eusebio Nievatechnical director of Check Point Software for Spain and Portugal, He stated that it is «a large-scale breach of a popular mobile application used by millions of people around the world.»

The company added that these files, which include international dialing codes, were made available for the first time in the last four days, and are being freely distributed among cybercriminals.

«One of the immediate consequences of this breach is the potential for those numbers to be used as part of tailored phishing attacks through the app itself,» they concluded.