The viral trick of the Spanish to save money on shipping costs

Spaniards are buying more and more online. The Covid-19 pandemic was a turning point in this change in consumer habits, and this is the time of year when online shopping gains more prominence with the start of the Christmas season. Nevertheless, according to a study carried out by the ‘Baymard Institute’, 70% of customers abandon the shopping cartand half of it for shipping costs.

How to avoid shipping costs?

For its part, the report ‘Online Consumption Habits’, prepared by the company ‘Huboo’, reflects a less interesting fact: 89% of customers who buy online add one more product to their shopping cart to avoid having to pay shipping costs.

And it is that, heThe vast majority of online stores set shipping costs according to the amount of the purchase. It is the most widely used trading strategy today. For example, if the order is less than 45 euros, you have to pay an extra 3 euros for home delivery. Meanwhile, if the purchase exceeds this amount, transportation is free.

Taking this into account, adding one more product to the shopping cart is a very widespread trick. It is something logical since, for example, if there are 10 euros left before shipping is free and we add a make-up removing balm worth 13 euros, in the end we get to the idea that the product is worth 10 euros if we deduct from its original price the cost of 3 euros that involves shipping costs.

The rise of flat rates

Amazon, the electronic commerce giant, charges between 0.99 euros and 3.99 euros for standard shipments to the peninsula and the Balearic Islands, within a maximum period of three working days. If we buy a lot on Amazon, it is much more profitable contract Amazon Prime for 49.50 euros per year. In addition to enjoying free shipping costs, with this flat rate we can also access services such as Amazon Prime Video.

El Corte Inglés has also launched a flat rate for 19.90 euros per yeareither. Taking into account that the shipping costs range between 5.90 and 7.90 euros for orders under 99 euros, it is very worth it if we usually buy regularly in your online store.

Finally, it should be noted that the ‘Huboo’ report indicates that 69% of Spaniards rarely return products that have bought products on the Internet. What’s more, 12% have never done it.