The trick to get rid of the fungi that grow in the soil of your plants forever

Take care of plants it’s a big commitment. Some need more water, others need more sun, some need fertilizer to grow and others need more humidity. In short, you have to know them very well to be able to make them grow healthy, beautiful and exuberant. In addition to all these cures, there are also other factors that we must consider and although we think that it is not something common, the truth is that it greatly affects plants during the cold season. Let’s find out below The trick to get rid of the fungi that grow in the soil of your plants forever.

Get rid of fungi that grow in the soil of your plants

Plants can be affected by various diseases, molds, parasites and fungi. All these elements can weaken your plants and, if you don’t know what to do to remedy it, they could even die. Therefore, today we want to talk about a system to eliminate fungi from the soil and prevent them from feeding on the substances that, instead, your plants need. Don’t worry, it’s such a simple process that even a child could do it. We immediately explain how to do it.

Why does the earth produce mushrooms?

We are in autumn and this means that it is mushroom season. If some have sprouted in the soil from your plants, you must first understand why. Fungi arise in the soil due to moisture. This means that you may have been giving your plants more water than they need. In fact, if the water is not absorbed and does not evaporate completely, fungi can sprout from the soil.

Are fungi that grow in the soil bad for plants?

As you can imagine, the fungi themselves are not harmful to your plants and do not carry disease. The main problem is that the mushrooms end up becoming a colony and feeding on the substances present in the soil. which would serve your seedlings instead.

The more you leave mushrooms there, the sooner you’ll find your seedling pots full of mushrooms, and the more there are, the more they need food. This means that your dear plants could spoil and be completely unable to feed.

How to Get Rid of Topsoil Fungus

First, therefore, avoid giving the plants water for a few days to allow the soil to dry out. Perhaps putting the plants in the sun to facilitate the drying process of the earth and you will see that the mushrooms will dry in a few days.

Be careful if you want to remove the mushrooms manually. In fact, there are spores in the hat, if you remove them with too much force you will end up returning the spores into the soil and the fungus will grow back. So I recommend that cut the hat off and then remove it without shaking it too much, set it aside and then scoop out the rest of the mushrooms.

Later, remove the top layer of soil to completely eliminate the possibility of remaining spores, just remove a few centimeters. Replace the removed soil and loosen the soil a bit. Finally, don’t forget to leave the earth without water for a few days, don’t water immediately, wait 3/4 days to make sure the fungus can’t grow back.