The pencil trick to easily fix a pants zipper

If your pants zipper has broken, you will be delighted to know that you only need a pencil to fix it. It is a trick as simple as it is effective, and thanks to it you will not have to go to the clothing repair store. Below we explain step by step how to put it into practice so you don’t miss a thing.

Yes the zipper is completely stuck and won’t give, don’t worry. Perhaps at first you think that the best solution is to pull it, but avoid doing so because you could break it. There is a much easier way to fix the problem.

what you have to do is use a lubricant, such as the graphite of a pencil, which is a very good plunger. All you have to do is slide the tip of the pencil several times along the length of the zipper, paying special attention to the point where the slider gets stuck.

Later, slide the zipper up and down until it slides perfectly. If you see that the zipper keeps unzipping, there is a way to fix it. Open it all the way and look closely to see if any of the teeth are crooked. If so, straighten the dent with a pair of pliers, being very careful not to break it.

How to fix the zipper of the pants?

If the trolley comes off the rack, it can happen for two reasons: that the zipper has lost its stop or that the zipper has lost its teeth and for this reason the carriage has slipped.

In both cases, the first thing you should do to fix the pants zipper is put the car back in its place. To do this, make a small hole between the upper teeth to open up the line between them a bit, and reattach the cart through that opening.

Yes the rack carriage has come off because the stop has been lost, you can create it yourself instead of creating a new one. To do this, you can use a piece of thick fabric and sew it to the end of the zipper where the stop should be. With some thick thread stitches you will have it ready.

And finally, do you know the hoop trick? If the zipper pull has broken and you can’t put it back on, use the ring on your key chain to muddle through so you can zip the zipper up or down. You can also do it with a clip.