The great trick to clean your leather jacket with a product you have at home

Leather jackets are one of the star garments when the cold arrives, a warm garment that will not only provide you with a good temperature, it will also give you an incredible style if you know how to combine it and how to wear it. We tell you an incredible trick for cleaning a leather jacket With a product that you surely have at home… it will be shiny in a matter of minutes!

When it comes to cleaning or washing any item of clothing, you can opt for the traditional methods (washing machine, by hand, etc.) or for homemade tricks, those little tricks that were previously discovered by word of mouth and are now seen by the thousands on the internet. social networks, many of them viral with millions of views and thousands of comments.

The homemade trick to clean a leather jacket

These jackets, and in general any outerwear, suffer a lot of rubbing and get dirty on the outside, and in many cases the rubbing of the body also makes the inner lining dirty. Now that winter is just around the corner and perhaps you have already started to wear your leather jacket or you want to have it ready to use, it is important that you have it impeccable and in the best conditions.

Leather is a very sensitive and porous material that is used especially in autumn and spring, and if you want to use it also in winter you must take extreme precautions so that it does not get damaged. The lining of the leather jacket should be cleaned regularly since it is in direct contact with people’s clothing and skin, which can cause dirt and the accumulation of bacteria that end up producing bad odors.

To put this trick into practice you must mix water with a little liquid detergent, and in that mixture moisten a cloth. Then pass the cloth over the entire lining, paying special attention to the areas of the armpits and cuffs, which are the ones that receive the most constant rubbing. In the event that the leather part has a stain, it is best to use a little micellar water or make-up removerrubbing until it disappears and then removing the remains with a well-wrung damp cloth.

It seems incredible but it is true, your make-up remover can give you excellent results to clean leather, and not only on jackets, if you have any furniture made of this material at home, you can use the same trick to clean its stains and leave it impeccable.