The freezer trick to remove wax that sticks from candles

Sometimes there are things that leave us speechless and at which we are amazed, perhaps due to the fact that we had not thought of something so obvious and banal before. Even a simple glass could make our jaws drop if we put it in the freezer , because it is capable of solving a problem that always bothers us, especially at Christmas time. Let’s find out below the freezer trick to remove wax that sticks from candles.

The freezer trick to remove wax

As we have seen so often, there are many things that can be recycled and use in a thousand other ways. For example, we know that from a simple cardboard roll or one plastic bottle we can do countless crafts, creative recycling and even elements to use at home. And the same goes for the candleholder which is usually a jar that, once clean, It can be reused at will and for different purposes.

For example, could become a small vase for flowers or in a slide, a pen holder or a simple jar in which to put things. However, in this particular case we find ourselves with a main problem that on many occasions is somewhat difficult to solve: I am talking about how to clean that jar or glass. Usually it ends with all the wax that the candle gives off stuck to its walls and sometimes it is quite difficult to remove. So how can we remove all the excess residue that remains after the candle has been spent?

The solution It is very simple and you will surely be wondering why it has not occurred to you before. What you have to do is simply place the jar or candle holder glass inside the freezer, upside down and leave it for about 30 minutes. Once the necessary minutes have passed, you will see that when you remove the candle holder the wax will go away as if it were water. You just have to stretch it with your fingers and you will be surprised how easy it comes off.

If you need help because the jar or glass will be really cold, you can use a stick to make the wax come off without freezing your fingers. Once this is done, wash the jar with detergent and hot water and you will see that the candle holder will be clean, shiny and immediately ready to be used in different ways. You just have to let your imagination fly!