Hacks for mothers that make life easier

There are many hacks for mothers that make life easier. From the moment that announce your pregnancyyou will be flooded with advice from family, friends, colleagues and social networks. Unfortunately, not all of them will be helpful, and the influx of information may leave you feeling more stressed than prepared.

Hacks for mothers that make life easier

If you’re looking for tips to make your life easier as a new mom, look no further. We have for you some of the best tips to make life with your baby a little easier.

Create diaper changing kits

In order not to waste time and to change the diaper your baby at any time. Creates individual bags that include a diaper and wipesso you can grab one and run to the changing room instead of rummaging through your bag to find what you need.

This trick will also serve you for something else since the bag to store everything can also act as a trash bag for dirty diapers.

use the dishwasher

Use the dishwasher instead of spending countless hours washing bottles and breast pump parts by hand . Make sure you use a transparent dishwasher and, if you have one, always activate the sterilization function. You can purchase dishwasher safe cages for small bottles and breast pump parts to make washing and draining even easier.

Use a different diaper bag for baby care

If you plan to hire a babysitting or childcare service, consider use two separate diaper bags or one bag and backpack to stay organized and avoid constantly packing and repacking.

Another idea that you can apply is to ask the babysitter to be in charge of keeping your bag stocked so that all bags are always ready to use.

Put a rubber band on the wipes

You may not think that unpacking the wipes is going to cause you too much stress but make no mistake about something like that. When you only have one hand while holding the baby’s legs with the other, the last thing you need is wipes bunching up and pulling out several at once. An easy solution is to put a rubber band or hair tie around the container of wipes. Thus, when you pull the wipe you will only get one since the rubber will prevent more from coming out. It’s such a simple solution that it will make a world of difference when you need to change multiple dirty diapers in one day.

Store wipes inside out

Another effective hack for individual packets of baby wipes. If you want to avoid the first wipe gets dry, just turn it over and store the package like this You will see how the humidity is better distributed and no wipe dries out.