Get first class plane tickets for only six euros with the infallible trick

find the best flight deals It is something that is increasingly simple, taking into account that we can always resort to buying our tickets well in advance or of course, choose the price comparators to know how to choose the most economical flight, but what about travel first class for only six euros? That’s something you don’t get every day, but a trick born in the social networks explains how get these plane tickets and it is also a strategy that is infallible.

The trick to get first class tickets for 6 euros

Although as we say, it is increasingly easier to find cheap tickets to fly to any destination, the truth is that there is nothing like resorting to the expert people in these struggles to be able find real «bargains» to travel that you wouldn’t imagine otherwise.

This is precisely what happened with a TikTok user that through a series of videos has revealed what the foolproof trick to get first class tickets for less than 6 euros. A trick that has revolutionized the whole world and although it is somewhat complex, the truth is that it is 100% infallible.

As explained the ‘tiktoker’, and travel expert, @travelhackingmom from his account, he was able to get fly from new york to singapore for less than 6 euros and for this he only had to resort to the use of credit cards with benefitssomething that he has been using for about 5 years and that has allowed him to make many other flights practically free.

Thanks to the use of welcome bonuses

The travel expert explains in detail the concept «Travil hacking» which is nothing more than the «travel hacking» and which consists in the fact that use credit card points to exchange them for points and thus for kilometers (in your case miles) to travel to the point where we can almost travel for free. What this user does is register each time on a new card to get a welcome bonus in which you are awarded pointss that she then uses to travel at low cost and even for free. Once she uses it, she closes the card and reopens it to receive a new bonus to use.

As we said, the trick is somewhat complex but if we pay attention to the comments of his followers It is effective although the key is to contract only credit cards that have attached benefits and that are without spending limits.