YouTube: how to zoom in on videos from the cell phone

The new zoom feature will allow users to zoom in on videos to their liking and interests.

The new zoom feature will allow users to zoom in on videos to their liking and interests.

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One of the most visited digital platforms in the world, without a doubt, is YouTube, in which millions of people can watch all kinds of videos from a tablet, computer or smartphone, despite the availability of content, one of the the limitations is to zoom in or out.

For cell phone users this will no longer be a problem, as you can zoom from the iOS and Android apps. Thus, by manipulating the screens with your fingers you can enlarge the image, regardless of what type of video it is.

A few weeks ago, YouTube announced that it has started testing this new zoom feature with its premium users since August, but now it will be available to everyone.

For those who frequently use YouTube from a desktop, laptop, you will be able to drag the cursor up or swipe up while scrolling through a video to see a row of small.

With this new function, those users who enjoy the contents of the famous Google video platform, they will be able to zoom up to 8 times and scroll the screen without any inconvenience.

This change has been possible thanks to the fact that the company’s executives have listened to the suggestions of users in order to improve YouTube and make it more efficient and according to the needs of those who use it.

In a post on the firm’s official blog, YouTube UX Director Nate Koechley described this tool as a subtle effect that takes advantage of dynamic color sampling, with the objective of attracting the attention of the users towards the videos and pay more attention to the content.

On the other hand, there are more changes in the platform, it is the case of the subscribe button, it will no longer be red, but it will be easier to find on the channel and video pages, due in part to a new shape and a higher contrast , according to YouTube.

The changes come at a time when competition between tech firms is getting stronger, especially because of the constant innovation of ideas so that social platforms continue to please users.

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