WhatsApp: alert for a new scam that «gives away» mobile data to watch the Qatar 2022 World Cup

The fever for the World Cup in Qatar 2022 is already at its best in a large part of the planet, practically a week after having officially started the long-awaited path of 32 teams that want to win the World Cup.

Millions of people are closely following everything that is happening at the Qatar 2022 World Cup, which It makes them a target for scammers and cybercriminals who have found in the passion that soccer generates the perfect vehicle to do their thing.

It turns out that in social networks several users are alerting others of a scam that circulates on WhatsApp and that is related to the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

Some users of the messaging app indicated that supposedly, received a message from FIFA, the governing organization of football at the international level, in which it is reported that would be giving away packages of 50 GB of mobile data so that from your mobile device you can watch the World Cup matches.

In the message sent by WhatsApp A link is included that leads to a web page, where your phone number is requested. Then, it asks you to enable notifications to show you advertising; It is there then that when you accept, you could be introducing Adware to your phone, a type of computer virus that is specifically used to display ads and generate profits for criminals at the cost of invading devices.

The problem is even greater since the page contains another message that says the following: «to get your 50 GB of free data, first click on the green button of WHATSAPP and share this information with 12 friends or groups on WhatsApp», which which makes the message quickly shared among contacts.

But the deception does not end there. The WhatsApp user receives a notification indicating that by accepting FIFA’s alleged offer, you could win other prizes, like an iPhone, iPad and other Apple products, by spinning a virtual wheel which is actually designed to make the person believe that they have won one of those products.

Once you’ve supposedly «won» one of the prizes, youUsers are directed to another page that will display different phone operators among which you must choose the one with which you have contracted a service.

If the person clicks on any option, they will receive a call from one of the scammers who will pretend to be a representative of that company and try to get your personal information. So be careful, if you get this message, please dismiss it immediately.

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